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Some Treatment Methods To Clear Acne Scars

Monday, August 27th, 2018

Submitted by: Ashish Jain

Acne appears on the skin but disturbs people deeply. It has got more to do with the way it looks and the pain it brings along. For, it sometimes leaves behind severe scarring. The acne problem sometimes does not end with its disappearance, especially if one had been suffering from the inflammatory kind of acne. They tend to leave scars behind.

Normally, these scars heal by themselves over a period of time. However, sometimes they do not go away on their own. For such cases dermatologists have devised several methods to ensure that one doesn t have to carry the scars around for long.

One of the techniques to remove scars is called dermabrasion . This treatment involves physical removal of the skin s top layer. This method requires some healing, which means you need to take some time off work to let the healing process finish.

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Another method, which is much like dermabrasion, is micro-dermabrasion . The physical scrapping is there in this method too but the layer of skin removed is very thin. Thus, one does not need to take time off from work for recovery.

Both of these methods are primarily based on the same principle of the removal of upper skin. They vary only in their intensity. Both of these methods have been found to be very effective in removing acne scars.

Acne scars are also removed through collagen injections. Collagen, being a part of natural human tissues, is easily accepted by the body when it is injected under the skin. It levels the skin and the scars are thus removed. The problem is that collagen breaks down with time and needs to be replaced periodically.

So, there are various ways to remove the scars. However, these treatments are advisable only after you have given a reasonable duration of time to the acne scars to heal on their own. Some of these treatments are quite expensive. So, it is important to consider your options keeping in mind the condition of your acne scars and the kind of skin you have. And last but never the least, the advice of your dermatologist matters a lot in deciding on the right method of acne scar removal for you.

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