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A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, December 9, 2008.

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The United States media group Tribune Company has filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday as it struggled to sort out its US$13 billion debt. It is the second-largest newspaper publisher in the United States, responsible for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, among others.

The firm has been hit hard by the industry-wide slump in newspaper advert revenues this year. Sam Zell, the billionaire who owns Tribune, took out large loans in order to buy the firm back in June of 2007.

The United States Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection law states that a company can continue trading whilst it sorts out its finances.


  • “US publisher in bankruptcy move” — BBC News Online, December 8, 2008
  • “Tribune files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy” —, December 8, 2008

 This story has updates See Quebec’s Liberal premier Jean Charest wins third term 

The Quebec general election is underway in the Canadian province of Quebec. Premier Jean Charest called the elections, saying he needed a majority to guide Quebec through a period of economic difficulties caused by the worldwide financial crisis.

Polls indicate that the Charest may obtain a majority, with support for his Quebec Liberal Party increasing to 45%, while support for the Parti Québécois remains at around 30%.

The polls will close at 01:00 GMT (20:00 local time), and the results will probably come in soon after that.


  • “Quebec voters head to the polls” — BBC News Online, December 8, 2008
  • “Quebec votes in provincial elections” — Agence France-Presse, December 8, 2008

The United States government is reportedly close to an agreement for a US$15 billion bailout plan for the country’s three largest auto firms.

According to a draft obtained by the Associated Press, the deal would give loans to Detroit‘s struggling Big Three automobile manufacturersFord, General Motors, and Chrysler — but under the condition that the auto industry restructures itself to survive. Another condition is that the incumbent US President, George W. Bush, would appoint an overseer to supervise the effort.

Analysts suggest that the agreement could be signed into law by the end of this week.


  • “White House cool to plan for auto bailout” — MSNBC, December 8, 2008
  • “US car bail-out nears agreement” — BBC News Online, December 8, 2008

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Serbian Orthodox Church elects new Patriarch Porfirije

 Correction — February 22, 2021 Orthodox Christianity is not the predominate faith in Kosovo, which is predominately Muslim; this is incorrectly stated in the article. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

The Serbian Orthodox Church — the dominant Christian Church in Serbia — elected Metropolitan of Zagreb and Ljubljana Dr. Porfirije Peri? as new Serbian Patriarch yesterday, filling a vacancy created in November when Patriarch Irinej died. Peri?’s formal enthronment was set for today.

Born Prvoslav Peri?, Peri? was ordained as a monk in 1985 and elected to his position as Metropolitan in 2014. He would now lead a church of 12 million faithful in the former Yugoslav republics, the disputed region of Kosovo, and associated dioceses in Australia, the United States, and Western Europe.

He has expressed conservative pro-government views in the past, writing a critique in December of Serbian reporter and human rights advocate Sonja Biserko. Peri? also encouraged the firing of outspoken professors at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade.

A current controversy concern Church property in neighbouring Montenegro. A law passed in 2019 requires evidence for ownership of property in Montenegro built before 1918, and the — relatively recent — Montenegrin Orthodox Church continues to claim all Orthodox property in the country as its own, in spite of most being controlled by the Serbian Church.

The Serbian Orthodox Church refuses to recognise Kosovo as independent, which is also the official position of Russia and Serbia. Kosovo contains many important religious sites in Orthodox Christianity and is considered a cradle of the religion. Peri? was ordained as monk at Decani monastery in Kosovo.

The election took place amongst 39 eligible bishops of the Holy Assembly of Bishops, who voted in a secret ballot at Belgrade’s Memorial Cathedral of Saint Sava. After deliberation, three candidates are chosen and their names placed in envelopes. Peri?’s name, pulled at random, is considered to believers an expression of the Holy Spirit’s will.

A thanksgiving service immediately followed the election.

Orthodox Christianity is the predominant faith in Serbia, Montenegro, and disputed Kosovo, and has considerable impact on public life.

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Maintain Tank Temperature With A Fish Tank Chiller

By Alison Stevens

As the name suggests, fish tank chillers are designed to keep the water in your fish tank cool in warmer climates. They are mainly used in marine aquariums where fish tend to be highly sensitive to temperature although fancy goldfish in tropical climes also benefit from the use of a fish tank chiller. An additional benefit is that cooler water has a greater capacity to hold dissolved oxygen thus avoiding issues with low levels of oxygen in your aquarium.

When do you need the fish tank chiller?

A fish tank chiller will be required when you run an aquarium with fish that prefer to live in cold water only. Aquarium chillers will maintain the water temperature you desire. Changing the temperature is something you need to do yourself, manually.

An alternative to a chiller is to run an air conditioning unit in the room that contains the aquarium, however running the air conditioner just to keep the fish tank water at the desired temperature can be a very expensive option. And even though a fish tank chiller may seem like an expensive item it will soon pay for itself if you are not running the air conditioner day – especially if you are not home during the day or you are on vacation.

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Another chiller alternative is to add ice to the tank but this is highly impractical unless it is a very short term method to deal with heat wave conditions. If you do need to add ice to your tank it can be added by freezing water in a bottle. The frozen water bottle can be lowered into the tank or hung on the side of the tank.

For very warm climates and for fish that naturally require cold water there is no real alternative other than a chiller unit. It is also possible to purchase an aquarium heater and chiller in one unit which can be used year round to maintain the water temperature in both summer and winter.

When choosing your chiller you will have a choice of thermoelectric, in-line or drop-in fish tank chiller.

Thermoelectric chillers are commonly used in small tanks of less than 60 gallon capacity. They are energy efficient and silent running and can be used in both salt and freshwater aquariums.

Drop-in chillers are commonly used in saltwater aquariums or reef set ups. They require no additional plumbing and are fitted in line with the tank filter. They are simple to install and have low maintenance requirements.

In-line aquarium chillers are manufactured for tanks with a capacity of 60 gallons or more. They have a motor, a compressor and cooling fans and will require a well-ventilated area for installation. They may require professional installation and they are quite large.

An aquarium thermometer is an inexpensive necessity to use in conjunction with your tank chiller. If your chiller fails or mismanages the temperature of your aquarium you need to know immediately. A thermometer is a reliable way of monitory the temperature.

The main disadvantages of fish tank chillers are the cost of the units themselves – which can vary from a few hundred up to several thousand dollars – and the energy that they consume, which can be 80-100 watts per hour.

About the Author: Alison Stevens is an online author and maintains

The Goldfish Site


The Goldfish Blog

to assist anyone who wants to get started with setting up an aquarium fish tank and keeping freshwater fish.


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US adds 173,000 jobs in August; unemployment rate drops to seven year low

Monday, September 7, 2015

The US economy added 173,000 jobs in August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday. The unemployment rate fell from 5.3 to 5.1 percent, the lowest since April 2008.

Although August job gains were lower than most economists forecast, job growth numbers for June and July were revised upwards by a combined 44,000. Average job gains over the past three months stand at 221,000, compared to March-May’s 189,000 monthly average. Over the past twelve months, job growth has averaged 247,000 per month.

Average hourly earnings rose 0.3 percent, or 8 cents, marking the largest increase in earnings in seven months. Hourly earnings had risen by 6 cents in July. Wages have risen by 2.2 percent over the past year.

Job growth in August was primarily concentrated in the health care and social assistance, financial activities, and professional and business services sectors. Those three areas of the economy added a combined 108,000 jobs. Food service and drinking places employment increased by 26,000 over the month, and other economic sectors saw employment hold steady. Manufacturing, on the other hand, saw employment decline by 17,000 in August. A stronger dollar and worldwide economic weakness make US exports less desirable, leading to a flattening in manufacturing employment so far this year after steadily rising in the early years of the US economic recovery.

The solid overall job gains led analysts to slightly raise expectations for a decision by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this month. Investors raised the likelihood of a September rate increase from 26 percent before the jobs report to 30 percent, and stocks dropped by over one percent on Friday. “The payrolls data is certainly good enough to allow for a Fed rate hike in September,” said Deutsche Bank’s head of currency strategy, Alan Ruskin. “The big question is still whether financial market volatility will scupper the plans.”

“This is the first time the market has looked at a Fed meeting and really has no idea what the Fed is going to do,” said Mark Kepner, a New Jersey equity trader with Themis Trading. “Right now you’re looking at the overall uncertainty and that’s what’s hanging on the market. I don’t think this number in and of itself changes how somebody’s going to vote.”

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Six-year-old boy on vacation in Venezuela dies in plane crash

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Six-year-old Thomas David Horne from the United Kingdom has died and eleven other British tourists were injured Friday when their plane crashed in Canaima National Park in Venezuela. They were on a sight seeing tour of the world’s tallest waterfalls, the Angel Falls.

The single engine, nine-seater Cessna 208 Caravan, lifted off shortly before the end of the runway, lost power, and then surged briefly before plummeting into the Venezuelan jungle in front of the 3,200 ft falls.

“It started to take off and we sensed it was losing power. Then it seemed to get it back and lifted off just 200 metres before the end of the runway. Then it dived into the trees,” reported Makeli Freire, a park tour guide.

Three of the injured sustained serious injuries, while the others suffered mainly broken bones. Thomas Horne, who sustained serious head injuries, died on the way to a local hospital. The pilot, co-pilot and tour guide were among the injured. Everyone on board was flown to Ciudad Bolívar, the capital city of Venezuela’s Bolívar state, where they were treated for their injuries. Among the injured were Thomas’s mother and father Jane and David who were among those who had broken bones. They were British tourists finishing up a two week holiday to Venezuela.

“The young boy died as he was being flown to hospital. His parents are both physically OK but are completely distraught over the loss of their son,” said Maiker Puga, of the Ciudad Bolivar clinic.

Liz and her husband Keith Grainger and S. Phillips, also British tourists, were also injured in the crash. The names of the three other British tourists and the three person crew who were injured have not been released at this time.

The plane tour was offered by First Choice, a division of TUI Travel PLC who extended their “heartfelt sympathy to family and friends during this deeply sad time.” LTA airline has suspended further flights until the investigation is concluded.

June Holman, Thomas’s aunt who was not on holidays said, that “there is nothing worse than losing a loved one, especially not a young child with their whole life ahead of them. The thoughts of us all are with his parents Jane and Dave at this very sad time.”

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Replace Those Worn Old Appliances With A New Appliance Ephrata Pa

byAlma Abell

Replacing the appliances in your home can be a daunting task. Even selecting a simple kitchen Appliance Ephrata PA can be a challenge with all the brands and models available. For instance, you can select refrigerator models that come with freezers on top, bottom or on the side. These freezers can be huge or small depending on your needs. Plus, you can buy small or compact refrigerators designed to fit into cabinets or separate thin freezer and refrigerator models useful for tight spaces. If that’s not enough cooling space for you, you can purchase wine coolers, refrigerated drawers, compact refrigerators and specialty refrigerators. If you decide to go with separate freezer and refrigerator systems you can find matching models that mount in cabinets or the old faithful chest type or upright freezers. Click here for more details.

YouTube Preview Image

Other Appliance Ephrata PA options include kitchen stoves, ovens, microwave ovens and various other cooking tools. If you enjoy cooking outside you can purchase gas grills or barbecues that cook enough food for two or your entire family. Plus, kitchen appliances come in two types depending on your home. For example, kitchen ranges have both electric or gas versions. The gas variety normally burns natural gas, but they can be easily adapted to burn propane if required.

Not all household appliances are for the kitchen. Some of the most heavily purchased appliances are the washer and dryer systems that people use for cleaning their clothes. These two appliances can take a lot of abuse and tend to wear down quicker than almost any other household appliance. Plus, people prefer to buy them as a set which allows them to have a common warranty period. This can be very useful for large families where there are a lot of clothes to keep clean or those families where the children went off to college yet still show up on laundry day.

No matter whether your appliance needs are simple like refrigerators, freezers, washers or dryers you can find what you need at well stocked merchants like JB Zimmerman. They provide access to other appliances as well such as dishwashers, trash compactors, water treatment systems, air conditioners and audio/video equipment.

Apple unveils new MacBook Air laptops, iLife ’11 software suite

Saturday, October 23, 2010

In a Wednesday media event, Apple Inc. released a new lineup of MacBook Air laptops and the 2011 version of the company’s iLife software suite. The “Back to the Mac” event also included a preview of Apple’s forthcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system, to be released in mid-2011.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new products at the Cupertino, California event, saying the company has “been inspired by the work [it has] done on the iPad, and [it wants] to bring it back to the Mac.” Apple has plans to import more features of its iOS mobile operating system to the Mac OS X operating system.

Jobs announced today that the “Lion” release to OS X, which is scheduled for release next summer, will include more support for multitouch and a desktop version of the company’s App Store. He said that the App Store will be available for Apple’s current OS “Snow Leopard” within 90 days, and that applications can be submitted starting next month. Jobs also announced that a beta version of FaceTime, Apple’s IOS video calling application, would be available for OS X users immediately. Several new applications will be added in OS X Lion, dubbed “Mission Control” and “Launchpad.”

“Lion brings many of the best ideas from iPad back to the Mac, plus some fresh new ones like Mission Control that Mac users will really like. Lion has a ton of new features, and we hope the few we had time to preview today will give users a good idea of where we are headed.”

In his keynote address Wednesday, Jobs announced the release of Apple’s iLife ’11 software suite, which includes the iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand programs. iPhoto has new slide show templates, while iMovie has added audio editing capabilities. GarageBand now includes several new piano- and guitar-playing lessons. iLife ’11 was released on Wednesday as a US$49 upgrade, and is also available free with new Mac purchases.

In another move to bring iOS functionality to Macintosh computers, Jobs announced an updated MacBook Air series of laptops, on sale now. The new MacBook Air uses flash memory rather than a traditional hard drive, and has no CD/DVD drive, an approach seen on the iPad tablet computer. In addition, the laptop’s battery life has been extended, even though it is only 0.68 in (1.73 cm) thick and weighs less than 3 lbs (1.36 kg). “We think it’s the future of notebooks,” said Jobs. There are now two models of the MacBook Air: an 11.6-inch (29.46-cm) version and a 13.3-inch (33.78-cm) model. Analyst Shawn Wu says the company “priced it really aggressively,” referring to the computer’s base price of US$999.

Jobs said that his company sold 13.7 million Macs last year, totaling US$22 billion. In the last financial quarter, Mac sales increased 22 percent, comprising 24 percent of total revenue for Apple. However, the original MacBook Air did not fare so well. Sales and hype over the first Air decreased soon after its introduction, and the line was overshadowed by the release of Apple’s 13-inch (33.02-cm) MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air had not been significantly updated since 2008.

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Woman hospitalized after allegedly stabbing daughter to death at Fort MacArthur, California

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Friday, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested and charged a woman with murder, after she reportedly stabbed her ten-year-old daughter to death at the Air Force base Fort MacArthur residential facility in San Pedro, California. The girl’s father is a former member of the Navy.

The 49-year-old mother, Bong Sook Chavez, allegedly slit her daughter’s wrists and neck. Chavez slit her own wrists after attacking her daughter. In a statement issued on Monday, investigators say Chavez likely stabbed her daughter while she was asleep in bed.

Deputy Chief Pat Gannon told the Los Angeles Times Chavez has a history of mental health problems. According to Gannon, “The father was able to get the weapon away from her.” The father awoke at around 2:30 a.m. local time to find Chavez attacking her daughter.

The daughter, Quesi Chavez, later died at the University of Southern California’s Medical Center as a result of her wounds. As of Monday, the mother remained in the hospital in stable condition, but was scheduled to appear in court yesterday.

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Seven-year-old girl killed in Detroit, Michigan police raid

Monday, May 17, 2010

A seven year-old girl was shot and killed Sunday during a police raid in Detroit, Michigan, United States when one of the officer’s guns was accidentally set off during an argument with the girl’s grandmother. Police were raiding the home in search of a 34 year-old male suspect accused of murdering teenager Jarean Blake near a local liquor store the previous night.

According to police reports, Mertilla Jones got into a verbal confrontation with a police officer, which quickly turned physical. The woman, according to the police, then came into contact with the officer which inadvertently set off the gun that he was carrying. The bullet then struck the girl, Aiyana Jones, in the neck while she was sleeping on the family’s couch.

The murder suspect was apprehended later that day. However, the family and public became outraged at the killing of seven year-old Aiyana. In response, the Detroit Police Department held a press conference.

“We cannot undo what occurred this morning […] All we can do is to pledge an open and full investigation and to support Aiyana’s family in whatever way they may be willing to accept from us at this time,” said Assistant Police Chief Goodbee speaking on behalf of the Police Chief, who was on vacation at the time of the shooting.

Meanwhile the girl’s father, Charles Jones, was outraged about the incident. “She had a lively, free spirit,” said Jones. “They came into my house with a flash grenade and a bullet […] They say my mother [Mertilla] resisted them, that she tried to take an officer’s gun. My mother had never been in handcuffs in her life. They killed my baby and I want someone to tell the truth,” he added.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Detroit Police Department. It is not known who fired the shot that killed the girl, or whether or not they will receive any disciplinary action from the department.

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Deep Fat Burner Review Deep Truly Works To Burn Fat?

Just about every one of us has undesired extra pounds that we want to eliminate soonest possible. There are 1000’s of methods that you could find right here on the Internet. Unfortunately, you did not get the outcomes that you want despite attempting a few of them. And even in case you did indeed manage to lose the weight, likelihood is that those dreaded pounds somehow end up coming back. In this Deep diet tablet assessment, you will discover an efficient supplement that would possibly be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Deep diet tablet is designed to work on your metabolism and thereby burn extra energy and fat. It also helps to raise your energy levels in addition to naturally helping you to extend your metabolism.

Since speedy weight reduction could be dangerous to your health, this offering was designed with natural ingredients to help you to lose those extra kilos in wholesome manner. The natural ingredient Chá de Bugre has a constructive influence on your coronary heart in addition to aiding in weight loss. There can be nature’s reward to curb those unwanted cravings in the form of Hoodia Gordonii to put a stop to those midnight cravings that might lead you to further kilos being piled. Your coronary heart and blood strain are also kept in check by the other natural metabolic rate boosting elements in the formula.

YouTube Preview Image

As you probably know, it’s always a good idea to walk and perform different gentle workout routines with the intention to stay healthy and fit in addition to observe a wholesome diet. That mentioned, many individuals have encountered difficulties to keep up with draining health club or strict eating regimen routines. This is where consuming Deep after meals can assist, since your metabolic rate will improve and and you get that further energy that can assist you complete those workouts.

Based on the published customer reviews, Deep has seemingly helped many individuals regain their self-confidence. It not solely helped them to shed those further kilos but in addition helped them to do the essential things like playing and walking with out being tired quickly. Tremendous psychological and physical enhancements were experienced by many of them. And that too they managed to do this with this offering after failing to do so with other methods.

By following the retailer’s recommended usage directions, you possibly can drop a few pounds with this clinically proven solution even without a strict food plan or strenuous exercises. The thermogenic formula burns the fat and energy actively, enhancing the body’s metabolic functions where it is possible for you to begin reducing weight inside a week’s time.

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That said, before you decide to buy, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at an in depth Deep Diet Pill Review report that include assessing other consumer feedbacks published on third party sites (if any), plus information on discount / promotional coupon codes. You can get such a report at: .Author: Loraine E Weideman