Eurovision ’04 winner Ruslana discusses her paths as singer, spokesmodel, stateswoman and source of inspiration

Monday, March 30, 2009

First becoming famous in her native Ukraine in the 1990s, long-haired self-described “AmazonRuslana gained international recognition for winning the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Wild Dances,” inspired by the musical traditions of the Hutsul people of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

In the five years since, Ruslana has decided to use her name and public status to represent a number of worthy causes, including human trafficking, renewable energy, and even the basic concept of democratic process, becoming a public face of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and later serving in Parliament.

Currently, she is on an international publicity tour to promote her album Wild Energy, a project borne out of a science fiction novel that has come to symbolize her hopes for a newer, better, freer way of life for everyone in the world. She took time to respond to questions Wikinews’s Mike Halterman posed to her about her career in music and her other endeavors.

This is the fifth in a series of interviews with past Eurovision contestants, which will be published sporadically in the lead-up to mid-May’s next contest in Moscow.

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Contractor’s Liability For Plumbing Problems After Being Fixed Once

By Adrianna Norton

When a plumber or other home repair professional comes into a home to do a repair, they are required to have liability insurance. Things can happen during a plumbing repair job that can result in unintentional damage. For instance, a pipe could be accidentally hit causing the leak of oil or gas which may require costly clean up. Contractor liability insurance can help alleviate the cost. As well, a problem could be fixed, but a day later, the problem could reoccur. Contractor liability insurance is a necessary financial safeguard to protect the client and the hired professional.

Contractor Liability Insurance is insurance that contractors buy to protect them from specific liability claims from issues that occurred during contractor operations. This insurance helps financially protect a contractor from accidental damage, injury to others, contractual liability, and more. If a contractor does not have contractor’s liability insurance, a contractor could be put out of business there was a lawsuit. Depending on the type of insurance purchased, contractor liability will not only benefit the policy holder, but it can also protect people who work under the contractor. When a contractor chooses a policy, they will often choose a million dollar liability, but they can also choose higher liability such as two or three million dollars. The type of insurance a contractor purchases will depend on the level of risk. They will also normally make sure any subcontractors they hire also have contractor’s liability insurance. This is to ensure protection if a subcontractor attempts to avoid liability responsibility if they make a mistake resulting in damage.

YouTube Preview Image

For a plumber, they will normally have liability that covers plumber related issues such as septic, gas, and water systems. When it comes to installation of plumbing systems, many contractor liability insurance policies cover damage that occurs after a specified period outlined in the insurance policy. For instance, a professional plumbing company may guarantee its parts and workmanship for twelve months and if there are any problems during this period, they will redo it at no cost to the homeowner. This means that if a part broke down once during the warranty period and then again a few months later, it will still be within the warranty period. Therefore, homeowner will be able to have it repaired again at not cost. A professional plumbing company will always maintain the necessary insurance coverage.

Much like doctors having malpractice insurance, contractors have insurance to cover damages from accidents and unintended damage that occurs during a job. If an event occurs, the insurance company will review the report and evidence collected by the insurance adjuster. Once fault has been determined, and it is the contractor who is found liable, the insurance company will provide compensation for such things as parts or property damage, legal costs, and possible medical expenses. Contractor’s liability insurance will not cover bad workmanship; however, it will provide coverage for property damage that is the result of the work performed by the plumber. As well, it will cover any injuries sustained during the work project.

It is essential that all contractors, including plumbers, obtain liability insurance because costs associated with an accident can be very expensive. If a homeowner is not sure about the provisions outlined in a plumber’s policy, he or she should ask the plumber. Contractor’s general liability insurance protects a contractor in an industry where accidents happen frequently. As well, this type of liability insurance will give both the homeowner and plumber peace of mind knowing they are protected.

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UK drivers urged not to panic buy during delivery strikes

Friday, June 13, 2008

British drivers have been urged not to panic buy fuel because of the 4-day walkout by delivery drivers working for companies delivering to Shell petrol stations. The 600 workers have walked out over pay disagreements, wanting an increase to their current pay of £36,500, however their union Unite turned down a last-minute offer of £41,500.

Hoyer UK, which employs tanker drivers for Shell, said, “We extended our offer to the very limits that our business could sustain.” However Unite said in a press release that, “this dispute could have been resolved if Shell had advanced a fraction of the billions of pounds in profit they make every month”, continuing to say, “one of the world’s richest companies is prepared to play Pontius Pilate and see the British public inconvenienced rather than settle this dispute for a sum smaller than the chairman’s pay increase last year”

Shell admitted that the walkout could leave some of its 1,000 forecourts without fuel, but the UK Petrol Industry Association, which represent oil refiners, said that forecourts would have around 4 days of supply, maintaining usual stocking levels. Shell also commented that the strike impact would be “significant”, as the company runs around 1 in 10 of all petrol stations in the UK.

British Business Secretary, John Hutton, said that “the strike, which will have a disproportionate effect on people in Britain, cannot be justified,” and urged both sides to resume negotiations in order to settle the dispute. “We have been working closely with industry to put in place detailed contingency plans to reduce as far as possible the disruption for the driving public,” he added. Unite’s press release also confirms that “provision has been made for fire, police and the emergency services.”

Tanker drivers on strike have set up picket lines at many of Shell’s UK refineries, including those in Stanlow, Avonmouth, Plymouth, Pembroke, Cardiff, Kingsbury, Basildon, Grangemouth, Aberdeen, Inverness, Jarrow and Luton Airport.

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Interview with Derek Begley, Regional Council candidate for Wards 9 & 10 in Brampton, Canada

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The upcoming 2006 Brampton municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council or the council of the Peel Region.

Wikinews contributor Nick Moreau contacted many of the candidates, including Derek Begley, asking them to answer common questions sent in an email. This ward’s incumbent is John Sprovieri; also challenging Sprovieri is Sherdaljit Dhillon, Mahen Gupta, Satpaul Johal, Dalbir S. Kathuria, and Vahid Saadati-Khanshir.

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Real Estate Manager Component Pro 2.1

Real Estate Manager component PRO 2.1



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Real Estate manager PRO 2.1

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real estate

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Police reports indicate theft of automotive catalytic converters up across parts of US

Monday, June 21, 2021

Recent media reports indicate police are warning of increases in theft of auto-mobiles’ catalytic converters across parts of the United States. As recently as Friday, authorities in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas told media the theft rate of the item is up 312% for their city. The parts contain an array of precious metals, which are quite valuable today. The converters serve to reduce harmful emissions.

Prices of one of the metals, rhodium, has been increasing for past several months. According to multiple reports, one troy ounce, about 31 grams, of the metal was worth around USD23–27 thousand. The converters also contain palladium and platinum, both of which are precious metals, both valuable. Just this year, police in Lakewood, Washington report they’ve received 45 incident reports on stolen catalytic converters.

To curb the thefts, police recommend citizens park their car in a garage or in a well-lit area. Police also recommend installing security cameras in areas where owners park their car. Additionally, police suggest installing a piece of sheet metal to cover the catalytic converter can help thwart thieves.

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Fear and loathing on the campaign trail, August 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

August 2008 in the United States presidential election saw the emergence of two politicians selected to serve as their party’s vice presidential nominees. The month was full of speculation as pundits argued on the merits of who they felt were the possible “choices” for the candidates. The Democratic National Convention was held and campaign activities increased until a looming storm caused Republicans to delay and reshuffle their convention.

  • The McCain campaign took advantage of a fresh new series of ads that cast Barack Obama as a “celebrity.” The candidate increased his position in the polls coming close to matching Barack Obama’s lead.
  • McCain participated in the first joint-forum of the campaign with Barack Obama. At the Saddleback forum moderated by pastor Rick Warren. McCain discussed his past as a POW in Vietnam and recounted his failed first marriage. He listed General David Petraeus, former e-Bay CEO Meg Whitman, and Congressman John Lewis, as the three wisest people he would consult as president. This statement raised speculation that one of the three could be chosen as McCain’s running mate.
  • Comments made by McCain that he didn’t know how many houses he had and a joke at the Saddleback Forum that an annual income of $5 million is the line drawn to be considered rich, led to a line of attacks against McCain by Obama and Democrats. They attempted to cast McCain as elitist and out of touch and continued this rhetoric until the end of their convention.
  • McCain had announced that he would unveil his running mate on Aug. 29, the day following the Democratic convention. Following this announcement, most speculation about the pick surrounded former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. and former Pennsylvania governor and the first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. Word leaked early on the morning of Aug. 29 that Romney and Pawlenty would not be the choice. After hearing that a plane had landed in Ohio (where McCain would make his announcement) from Alaska, it was speculated that McCain would make a surprise choice and selected Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Before the announcement at noon, it was leaked and confirmed that Palin was indeed McCain’s choice as a running mate.
  • The Palin selection was hailed by conservatives who pointed to the candidate’s pro-life record, executive experience and record of “fighting corruption.” But the pick also set off a firestorm of attacks from the Obama campaign who remarked that she was merely the mayor of a city with 9,000 people. However his campaign stopped short of attacking Palin when it was revealed that her 17-year-old daughter was 5 months pregnant.
  • As Hurricane Gustav approached the Gulf coast, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney decided not to attend the GOP convention in St. Paul. On the eve of the convention’s start McCain announced that most events for the next day would be suspended.
  • Obama participated in the Saddleback Forum with McCain and talked about his faith and vision for America. Taking a more philosophical approach to the questions, Obama remarked that the question of when life began was “above [his] paygrade. He reflected on the toughest decision he made in his life: his choice to oppose the war in Iraq in 2002, and discussed his past drug use as a mistake in his youth.
  • A book criticizing Obama and his life entitled The Obama Nation became a New York Times best seller. Written by WorldNetDaily editor Jerome Corsi, the book looks into Obama’s past associations with Reverend Wright and William Ayers, and examines his youth in Indonesia. Corsi was attacked by the media for his publication, they reminded the public that Corsi had co-authored Unfit for Command during the 2004 election. However he supports Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin for the presidency.
  • As Russia invaded Georgia, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware made a trip to the nation to assess the situation and talk to the nation’s president. After being viewed as Obama’s most likely pick as a running mate, the trip only raised speculation that Biden would be selected.
  • Obama stated that when he was ready to announce his running mate pick he would send a text message to supporters and individuals who signed up on his campaign website. On Aug. 22 the public waited and the media speculated all night about the announcement. Joe Biden was mentioned as the frontrunner, and also discussed were Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Virginia governor Tim Kaine, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius and longshot Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. As the day went on reports confirmed that Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas was another member of Obama’s shortlist. Late in the night it was confirmed that Kaine and Bayh had been eliminated and Biden looked to be the nominee. At about 1 a.m. CDT, the Obama campaign sent out the message confirming that Joe Biden had been selected.
  • The Democratic National Convention was held in Denver amidst protests. Hillary and Bill Clinton each lent their full-hearted support to Obama in addresses to the delegates. Senators Obama and Biden each accepted the nominations for president and vice president, respectively. Obama’s acceptance speech on the last night of the convention at INVESCO Field in front of 84,000 was the highlight of the convention and both applauded and criticized.
Third Parties
  • Independent candidate Ralph Nader won the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party during its convention in August. With 46 delegate votes, Nader defeated Party for Socialism and Liberation nominee Gloria La Riva, Socialist Party nominee Brian Moore, and Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney.
  • The Minutemen held an anti-illegal immigration rally at Congress Park in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. The event was meant as a “third party convention for the conservatives—the real conservatives.” Attending the protests were Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, Independent candidate Alan Keyes. and former Republican Party presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo.
  • Montana governor Brian Schweitzer increased speculation about the devastating impact of the Bob Barr candidacy to the John McCain campaign. The moderate Democratic governor stated that his constituents may not vote for McCain because of his position on gun rights and that their votes might instead go to Bob Barr. Pointing to polling, Schweitzer argued that Obama could possibly win the state with 48% because of Barr’s impact. The governor’s assessment may give insight about Barr’s effect on McCain in swing and moderately red states like Montana, which has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1996.
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Your Family And Friends Will Be Blown Away By Your Professional Patio Design}

Your Family And Friends Will Be Blown Away By Your Professional Patio Design


Claire Winters

When you are planning out your patio design scheme, playing it safe is not always the best way to go. Employing an expert and going a little over-the-top will enable you to pull out all the stops, if you want to develop a space that you can enjoy on a daily basis, but is adaptable and exciting enough for entertaining. Transforming your patio into the atmosphere and space you have envisioned means having a clear picture of what you would like since there are many innovations and features readily available and working with a designer you can turn your vision into a reality. Your patio and lawn may become a haven for all year fun, relaxation and entertaining with everything from a master BBQ grill to an outdoor entertainment center.


New outdoor technologies have been designed which enable the home theater to now be converted to outdoor theaters and TVs. These entertainment systems allow you to never miss a game, or the perfect weather outside. You can enjoy nature and your favorite programs or movies concurrently; it is the best of both worlds. The perfect TV or theater of your choosing, from projector screens to mounted flat screens, can be customized to match the needs of your patio space.

YouTube Preview Image

BBQ Pit Prowess

Do you consider yourself a grilling master? For people who love the grill, or simply just love eating delicious BBQ, a totally loaded BBQ space can be designed and built to satisfy your custom space. Each patio design is built to meet your custom needs, from a BBQ pit with all the necessities for grilling to a custom bar center complete with a sink, fridge and prep space. When you have a grill center fit for an expert, you can turn your backyard into a patio fully prepared for a party or family gathering in a cinch. Making holiday plans just got easier-everyone adores a good barbeque, and enjoying one anothers company. Build a BBQ space you have always wanted that is fit to feed a crowd and give yourself a reason to stay home this year.

Year-Long Lawn

For those climates where keeping grass green and lush all year long is out of the question, artificial turf is a well-liked choice. Green grass is a must for the avid golfer, sports fan or yard lover. Without the upkeep, fertilizing and watering of an actual lawn, you still get the appearance of grass with artificial turf. For the ultimate decked out patio, installing a turf mini-golf course or putting green for a golf fanatic can make the most of your yard space all year long.

Artificial grass allows you to avoid problems like crab grass, dead spots and dealing with the machinery and labor that goes into yard care every day which are common in hot dessert climates where growing grass and maintaining grass can be more of a handful. Year-round lawns can be made to fit any space and fill any size patio or yard area.

Customized Ambiance

Creating the ideal environment you want for spending time with you friends and loved ones is easy. Your options now available are limitless as the design elements have evolved through the years. You can create an entertainment area that is just your style and has all your quirky and sophisticated personality designed into it. You will end up with the outdoor patio design you have always wished for when you go a bit over the top; this will bring the wow factor.

A nicely created

patio design

is a superb technique to show your artistic aptitude. For further particulars on Luxapatio, view them at their website,


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Your Family And Friends Will Be Blown Away By Your Professional Patio Design}

GM and Chrysler receive Canadian loans amid US restructuring ultimata

Friday, April 3, 2009

General Motors (GM) and Chrysler will receive bridge loans from the government of Canada and the provincial government of Ontario, however no more will be forthcoming from either Canadian or US governments unless the companies can reinvent themselves.

“This is a regrettable but necessary step to protect the Canadian economy. We are doing this on the assumption that we obviously cannot afford either in the United States or Canada a catastrophic short-term collapse.” said Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

“We cannot, we must not, and we will not let our auto industry simply vanish. This industry is, like no other, an emblem of the American spirit; a once and future symbol of America’s success,” said Barack Obama, President of the United States. “These companies – and this industry – must ultimately stand on their own, not as wards of the state.”File:Sinsheim quer.jpg

Chrysler will receive CA$1 billion and may in fact be eligible for as much as CA$4 billion. If Chrysler succeeds in the next 30 days with a restructuring plan it would be eligible for a US$6 billion loan. A part of Chrysler’s restructuring plan must include a partnership with Fiat within 30 days to appease the US administration. Fiat is a supplier of smaller fuel-efficient vehicles, and the merger will help Chrysler to be viable in the North American market. A Chrysler court bankruptcy would inevitably lead to it being sold off.

As a part of Chrysler’s restructuring plans, Tom LaSorda, the president of Chrysler announced that Canadian operations would fold if it does not receive both the US commitment of $2.3 billion of aid and a new Canadian Auto Workers CAW contract to reduce all-in costs by CA$19 per hour. As a result of this announcement Chrysler’s auto sales volume in Canada dropped 23% compared to March of 2008.

GM has until the end of May to restructure its company to receive up to CA$7.5 billion. As part of the companies restructuring, General Motor’s chief executive Rick Wagoner was replaced Sunday with Fritz Henderson, the current chief operating officer. Henderson spoke out on Tuesday that GM has submitted a restructuring plan which would close five plants, and this may be increased to meet the requirements for financial aid. He is in full compliance with Obama’s auto task force to seek bankruptcy if GM cannot negotiate with their unions, bondholders and others.

GM recently brought forward the “GM Total Confidence” program providing consumer purchase protection for customers who lose their job for economic reasons within the first two years from purchase. As a result of Chrysler’s restructuring announcement in Canada, GM’s Canadian vehicle sales volume fell only 17.3% compared to 2008, an increase from the previous month.

GM must reduce some of its legacy costs which include its pensions and union health care costs. A part of GM’s ailments arose from investing in supplying truck and SUVs during an economy of high gas prices when consumers were demanding fuel efficient vehicles.

Tony Clement, Canada’s Minister of Industry, is hoping that the CAW will support the restructuring process and re-negotiate their agreement. Whereas a United Auto Workers negotiator has said, “I don’t see how the UAW will do anything until they see what the bondholders will give up.”

The Obama administration is looking toward bankruptcy proceedings for the automakers, “as a mechanism to help them restructure quickly and emerge stronger. [It will] quickly clear away old debts that are weighing them down. What we are asking is difficult. It will require hard choices by companies. It will require unions and workers who have already made painful concessions to make even more. It will require creditors to recognise that they cannot hold out for the prospect of endless government bailouts.” said Obama.

The auto parts suppliers and IT software exporters in India have already been affected by the declining auto sales. GM and Chrysler software contracts provide US$300 to 350 million a year to vendors in India. As well these two major automakers usually award US$1 billion contracts to auto parts suppliers. “We are worried and closely watching the developments in the US to gauge the impact. The decline in auto sales in the US has already hit the order books of Indian suppliers,” said a Delhi auto parts supplier.

“Going forward, the industry will undoubtedly be smaller, but if our efforts are successful it will be viable and it will support good jobs for Canadians,” said Clements.

Betty Sutton, Ohio’s Congresswoman put forward the CARS act which provides a US$3,000 to 5,000 incentive for those who trade in their vehicle for a fuel-efficient car. “It clearly stimulates the economy, and it gets the consumer into the showroom and gets them buying again. But importantly — and this is what I particularly like about it — it really helps the environment quite a bit in two respects.” said William Clay Ford Jr., executive chairman of Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company has not come forward with requests for assistance.

Since December GM and Chrysler have received US$17.4 billion government loans.

How should the automakers re-invent themselves?
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World Wrestling Entertainment heir Shane McMahon resigns from the company

Friday, October 16, 2009

Predicted heir to World Wrestling Entertainment Shane McMahon has announced he will leave the company on January 1, 2010. McMahon is the son of current owner Vincent K. McMahon and the current Executive Vice President of Global Media for the company. With the departure of Shane, it will be the first time that a male heir will not take over the company when Vince retires.

Shane announced his resignation on earlier today saying, “It is with great sadness that I announce my resignation from the WWE, effective January 1, 2010.” He mentioned how he “never even considered a future outside the walls of the WWE.” He continued to thank his father and superstars of today and the past. According to Shane, he resigned because it was his “to pursue outside ventures.”

World Wrestling Entertainment released an official statement responding to Shane’s announcement. Current owner and Shane’s father Vince McMahon said, “Even though I am personally saddened by Shane’s decision to leave the company, I am proud of the enormous contributions he has made. He will unquestionably bring passion, commitment and extensive business experience to any endeavour he pursues.”

Shane was the fourth generation to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is the son of Vincent K. McMahon, the grandson of Vincent J. McMahon and the great-grandson of Jess McMahon. He has two sons who are considered the fifth generation.

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